How to buy a two-seat sofa

- Feb 01, 2020-

The two-seat sofas are (double-seat double sofa, single-seat double-seat sofa, and no-seat double-seat sofa). The size of the double-seat sofa suitable for the public living room is generally between 1 m 8-2 m 1.

The style and price of two-seat sofas are different, but for buyers, the most important thing is to pay attention to the style and color of the two-seat sofa. The two-seat sofas are (double-seat double sofa, single-seat double sofa , No support double sofa), the size of the double sofa suitable for the public living room is generally between 1 m 8-2 m 1.

Point 1: Comfortable

When you buy any sofa, you have to sit down. When you sit, you must grasp the softness, and you must be vigilant if you are too soft. An overly soft sofa is not necessarily a quality problem, but the "falling feeling" makes people easily become a "sofa potato".

The easiest way to judge the quality of a sofa is to sit for a while. If you have only moved three times in an hour, this is a good sofa. If you sit on a good sofa, you can hardly feel the existence of the sofa, but you can feel a strong support. A good sofa usually has a zipper on the bottom, which allows you to open it to check the springs and padding. The good sofa is comfortable to sit in various postures, and it will sink into it when sitting cross-legged; it will be soft and hard when sitting normally; the sofa will be heavy However, leather sofas are generally heavier than cloth sofas; the springs of good sofas are subject to noise reduction.

Point 2: Strong sense of design

A good design is also reflected in whether the design of the sofa structure incorporates a considerable amount of technology. For example, a very home sofa uses a blue steel spring, which is not only elastic but also very sturdy.

Point 3: Pay attention to details

The details of the sofa, in addition to what you can see, such as whether there are flaws, whether the pins are fine, whether the width of the cushion plus the proportion is in line with your body needs, and whether it is in harmony with the sofa as a whole. In addition, there are some details that are relatively easy to overlook, so be sure to pay attention when buying.

Sofa feet. Some sofa legs are made of wood, some are metal, and some are casters. Check this detail carefully. Mainly to see if it is strong, if this part is unstable, the sofa will not be comfortable to sit on.

frame. Many sofas use a frame and cushion structure, such as exposing shiny metal and leather materials to create a wild, unruly effect. Then this part of the exposed frame should be checked clearly, and there should be no small flaws that affect the overall effect.

Cover for fabric sofa. Be sure to check carefully that it is easy to disassemble to facilitate future cleaning during use. Some sofas claim to use high technology, and the fabric is impermeable to water and oil. You must do your own experiments to avoid being "uncommon" so-called high-tech flicker.

Filler for sofa. A good sofa filling must be environmentally friendly. When you buy the sofa, you must open the zipper of the sofa to look carefully. If there is no zipper, you must let the shopping guide issue a corresponding monitoring report. If these are not available, you must pay attention to the quality of the sofa .