How to buy a TV cabinet

- Feb 01, 2020-

What should I pay attention to when buying a TV cabinet?

First, choose a TV cabinet to match the living room style

A modern-style living room can choose a TV cabinet with simple lines and beautiful shapes; a classic-style living room decoration style should choose a solid wood TV cabinet, which is more upscale

In the rural style living room, you can choose a TV cabinet with earthy or jumping colors. In short, the overall style of the living room and TV cabinet must be well matched, so that the TV cabinet can enhance the style and level of the living room.

Second, buy the right size TV cabinet

We need to measure the size before buying a TV cabinet. The length and width of the TV wall and the length, width and height of the TV set can avoid the inappropriateness of the TV cabinet after purchase.

The height of the line of sight when we watch TV is below the horizon when we sit down, so we should pay attention to the height of the TV, preferably 40 cm from the ground. Of course, there should be some places above the TV cabinet, so that we can place things.

Third, TV cabinet materials

We all know that electrical appliances need to dissipate heat, so the TV cabinet material is also better. The placement of the line is also a precaution for our purchase of a TV cabinet, and everything is given priority to facilitate the placement of the line.

Of course, the function of the TV cabinet, whether it can store the items you need to place, the appearance is very important, but convenient and practical is more suitable for us, if we can not use the TV cabinet, then what is the meaning of the TV cabinet

Fourth, the size of the living room

Pay attention to the size of the living room when purchasing a TV cabinet, and choose a TV cabinet according to the way the TV cabinet is arranged in the living room. Different living rooms have different space sizes, and different combinations need to be designed according to the size and shape of the living room. This is especially important for irregular living rooms.

If you choose custom furniture, you can enjoy the advantages of professional custom services and custom furniture. It is easy and convenient for the designer to customize the living room for the owner. In terms of space size, if the living room is relatively spacious, you can give priority to using a TV cabinet with a plate frame structure or a TV cabinet with a whole frame wall. At this time, it is recommended that the background wall and the sofa have the same color.

If the living room space is relatively narrow, it is recommended to use a "pin" -shaped combination TV cabinet, which can effectively use the space and make the space feel layered.