How to buy a sofa?

- Feb 02, 2020-

Now many friends pay more attention to the choice of sofa and other furniture products when decorating the house. Sofa is an important furniture product in the living room. This can not only enhance the decoration effect of the living room, but also be beneficial to the life of the family. So how to buy a sofa? Let ’s take a closer look

1. How to choose a sofa?

1. Look at the feel of the sofa

When buying a sofa, touch the sofa to see if it is irritating to the skin, observe whether the fabric color of each part of the sofa is uniform, whether the seams are firm and flat, and whether the workmanship is fine.

2.Check the resilience of the sofa

The resilience of a sofa is related to the life of the sofa. When buying, feel free to sit down and see if there is elasticity, instead of falling into the sofa.

3. Look at the sofa stuffing

The quality of the filling material is also related to the life of the sofa. The specific inspection method is to press the armrest and backrest of the sofa by hand. If the existence of the wooden frame can be clearly felt, the density of the sofa filling material is not high, the elasticity is not good enough, and the wear of the sofa cover will be accelerated. Reduce the life of the sofa.

4, see if the sofa sits up

If the sitting surface of the sofa is raised too high, it will cause compression of the sciatic nerve when sitting for a long time, which will cause thigh numbness. And this kind of sofa may make your butt sit flatter.

5, see if the sofa is easy to remove and wash

If you buy a fabric sofa, be sure to carefully check whether it is easy to disassemble to facilitate future cleaning in use.

2. Which is the best choice for fabric sofa and leather sofa?

Many of our young friends are particularly fond of fabric sofas, because this sofa is very simple and easy to match with the style of the family, and the appearance also looks more fashionable. A particularly warm feeling. Compared with traditional leather sofas, the color of this fabric sofa will be brighter, giving us a new look.

However, this type of fabric sofa still has certain shortcomings. Although this sofa is relatively new in style and has a large variety, it is difficult to clean and is not particularly resistant to dirt, so many of us will suffer from this. Every time we When cleaning the sofa, you must first remove the sofa cover, and then put it in the washing machine. And because the material is cloth products, there will be a phenomenon of discoloration when we wash too many times. When laying on the sofa, it will look very old.

The most important material of leather sofas is leather, so when we buy such materials, the price may be more expensive than that of fabric sofas, and many rich people like to buy sofas The leather sofa placed in the home, because the leather sofa gives a very luxurious and noble feeling, so when rich people buy the sofa, they will put the sofa in the home.

However, in addition to the rich, some office workers will put a leather sofa in the office area. This has the effect of office, but also reflects the style of the host. And if there are some dirty things on the leather sofa, we don't have to worry about cleaning. We just need to clean the leather sofa with a wet cloth, which is very convenient, but when we buy the leather sofa at home After that, it must be maintained regularly, otherwise its skin may fall off, and in the end it will affect the aesthetics.