How to better match European sofa

- Feb 03, 2020-

Furniture matching is very important in our daily life. It is necessary to pay attention to the uniformity of the color of the furniture and to the style accessories of the furniture. Xuanyi Furniture will teach you how to match the European sofa from these two aspects.

1. Color matching of European sofa

The solemnity of the black sofa combined with the modern shape reveals a sense of restraint and publicity, solemn and fashionable. The black sofa in the living room feels calm and full of content. Blood red is a passionate and lively color. The red sofa embellishes a beautiful landscape in the living room. It can also show the owner's enthusiasm and temperament. The red sofa is a bold choice, and it is a good choice in the living room with gray and black. The blue sofa gives a calm and noble feeling, like a long history of jazz music, people are fascinated by it as "blues". The blue hue helps to create a peaceful atmosphere. Psychologically looking more at blue will make people emotionally stable and make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Purple symbolizes luxury, and the purple sofa in European-style furniture magnifies this temperament to the extreme. The European-style sofa's artistic shape and luxurious colors can add aristocratic atmosphere to the living room. Beige sofa has become a piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of decorative styles. Under the light of leather color, the color is clearer, even if the cushion decoration is not needed, it can also show the atmospheric decoration. Dessert in the evening after dinner, watching the news and talking about home affairs, talking about major events, casual and comfortable, enjoying the joy of life.

Second, the European sofa home accessories

    The characteristics of European-style sofas are gorgeous colors, smooth line structure, exquisite craftsmanship, and meticulous. The overall looks luxurious and romantic, but also very emotional. European-style sofas are noble and also need to be decorated with the same characteristics, so as to enhance the unique cultural connotation and historical heritage. Choosing a European-style sofa with a classic charm can be paired with a long-established wooden tea table, which looks more expensive and looks nostalgic. In addition, the floor is also very important, you can choose stone floor tiles, which can highlight the European style, you can also match a classic carpet. In addition, the luxurious European-style sofa can be matched with a noble and wasteful crystal chandelier, which will bring a different feeling to the room. European-style decoration is inseparable from decorative paintings. You must choose simple and atmospheric decorative paintings for matching.


   Finally, the matching of European-style sofas must first match the decoration environment. If the color of the living room is dark, it should be supplemented with bright colors, so as to break the dullness of the space visual effect. Secondly, it is necessary to consider the color of the surrounding furniture. The color difference should not be too large. It is best to have a color system or a moderate transition. This can ensure that the European sofa is consistent with the overall style of the home environment.