How much is a single sofa? How to choose a single sofa

- Jun 10, 2020-

How much is a single sofa? How to choose a single sofa

1. Comfort

Buy any sofa to try to sit, when sitting, to grasp the appropriate soft, too soft must be vigilant. Too soft sofa, it is not necessarily a quality problem, but "sinking feeling" makes people easy to become "sofa potato".

The easiest way to judge whether a sofa is good or bad is to sit a little longer. If you move it only three times in an hour, it's a good sofa. A good sofa can hardly feel the existence of a sofa, but it can feel strong support. A good sofa generally has a zipper at the bottom, which allows you to open and check the springs and fillings. A good sofa is comfortable to sit in all positions, sitting cross legged It will sink into it; it will be moderate in hardness and softness when sitting on it; good sofa will be heavier, but leather sofa will be heavier than cloth sofa generally; the spring of good sofa will be subject to noise reduction treatment.

Modern Single Sofa Chair

2. Strong design sense

A good design is also reflected in whether the design of sofa structure integrates considerable technological content. For example, a kind of blue steel spring is used in a very home sofa, which is not only elastic but also very solid.

3. Pay attention to details

In addition to the details of the sofa you can see, such as whether there are flaws, whether the stitches are fine, whether the width of the cushion plus the proportion meets your body needs, and whether it is harmonious with the whole sofa. In addition, some details are easy to be ignored, so pay attention to them when purchasing.

Upholstered Club Chair

Sofa feet. Some sofa feet are made of wood, some of them are made of metal, and some of them are made of pulley. This detail should be checked carefully. It mainly depends on whether it is solid. If this part is not stable, the sofa will not be comfortable to sit on.

Framework. Nowadays, many sofas adopt the structure of frame and cushion, such as exposing shiny metal and leather materials to make a wild and uninhibited effect. Then the exposed part of the frame should be checked clearly, and there should be no small defects to affect the overall effect.

Couch And Loveseat

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