Houndstooth fashion in furniture

- Oct 21, 2019-

Houndstooth fashion in furniture

Houndstooth originated in Scotland (but not Scottish) because it is named after a hound tooth or other poultry. The French called it pied-de-poule, which means "chicken claws." The houndstooth, also known as the houndstooth pattern, is made up of tiny patterns. Because it is especially like the traditional paper cranes of the East, it gets its name.

houndstooth accent chair

The Duke of Windsor was the first celebrity to wear it. Since the appearance of the celebrity effect of the Duke of Windsor, this tweed pattern has become the favorite of the British aristocrats of the 19th and 20th centuries.

wooden dining chair designs

Houndstooth, the classic element of the fashion world, has now crossed the home. Popular in our daily necessities, such as dining chairs, leisure chairs, lounge chairs, massage chairs, sofas, L Shape Sofa etc.

The combination of the Houndstooth and the furniture, the retro and modern charm has appeared. With it, you are the influx of home furnishing, using the furniture or accessories of Houndstooth, with elegant and stylish temperament.