High value, durable, good furniture that ordinary people can afford

- Nov 09, 2019-

High value, durable, good furniture that ordinary people can afford

Ash wood furniture is the hottest solid wood furniture of the past few years. Many people like its value, easy care, and durability. But for most first-time readers, it seems to be quite strange. Roller Uncle is often asked if ash furniture is good? why? Then let me talk about ash and ash furniture. In fact, everyone used ash, such as the front bar of snooker, table tennis bat, some door handles, the handle of the tool, etc., are actually made of ash. Some of the furniture made of ash nowadays are simply blooming everywhere.


Ash furniture features

Humans use ash wood to make furniture, at least for thousands of years, so the characteristics of ash furniture are very well understood. Simply sum up, it has four more recognized advantages.

Very durable

Ash is not just a tree, but more than 70 kinds, distributed in Europe, North America, Russia, and northern China, and some in North Korea and Japan. Ash wood has a strong anti-corrosion function and a long service life. Even in wet areas, the life of ash furniture is much longer than ordinary furniture. The bathroom cabinet made of ash is not easy to rot even in the bathroom. This may be one of the reasons why people in the South prefer ashwood furniture.

Easy processing

Sometimes people will hear that "the wood is good", usually it is said that its cut surface is smooth, the paint is very convenient, the degree of aging is slight, the performance changes are small, it is easy to open the notch or smash, and it can also be screwed. Other attachment methods such as nails, glue, etc. are fixed. The material is tough and can make a strong sense of design. Many furniture designers like to use ash to practice their hands.


High value

The ash texture is soft and elegant, and some people say that black walnut is the prince, then ash is the princess. In fact, ash is also popular among women in Europe. Especially during the Victorian period of the Queen's administration, ash was very popular among European aristocratic families and middle- and upper-class families, especially those female members. Many European old-fashioned furniture made of ash-wood is mainly used for daily use by women. It is important to know that at the time, Europe was at its peak, and good woods, red sandalwood, mahogany, teak, etc. from all over the world were continuously shipped to Europe. There were many woods available for making furniture, and mid-range wood such as ash. But it is quite popular among the upper class, relying on its face value. The value of the face is not what it is today.

Fair price

At the end of last year, the Guangdong timber market was 2.15-3.05m long, 1-2 inches thick, and fas grade ash. The price was 7000-7600 yuan/cubic meter, which was due to the price increase after the RMB depreciation. The transaction price of a ash-colored armchair that is mass-produced in the retail market is generally between 3 and 4 hundred yuan. It can be said that it is a good solid wood furniture that ordinary people can afford. If it is necessary to talk about the price/performance ratio, ash is in the mid-range wood, which is a very high cost-effective furniture.