High quality marble dining table

- Sep 20, 2019-

The advantages of the marble dining table

(1) Hard and wear resistant

The marble dining table inherits the high hardness of the marble and does not deform. It has good wear resistance and no obvious scratches. Its physical properties are also available at constant temperature.

(2) Easy maintenance

Compared with wood or stainless steel dining table, this table can adapt to humid environment, good moisture resistance, no rust, acid and alkali resistance, dustproof and easy maintenance.

(3) beautiful and easy to process

The marble table is made of simple marble and has good processing properties. It is basically fine and smooth, and it has a smooth mirror effect. The dining table looks more beautiful and improves the grade.

2, the disadvantages of the marble dining table

(1) easy to penetrate

The surface of the marble dining table is smooth and crystal clear. Once it is stained with some oil or water, it is difficult to wipe them off immediately. After a long time, only the varnish can be made up. Natural marble material, easy to penetrate.

(2) There is radiation

The marble dining table has certain radiation due to the material of the marble itself, especially artificial marble, and there is no solid wood dining table. As a kind of natural stone, marble will inevitably have radiation, and the prepared table will inevitably have radiation. The radiation of natural marble dining table is lower than that of artificial marble dining table, which basically can't hurt people. Some inferior artificial marble dining table may have too much radiation, so please choose qualified products when purchasing.

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