Furniture raw materials usher in a wave of price increases

- Dec 03, 2020-

How is furniture raw material facing the rising price tide?

A large furniture manufacturer in Guangdong said that the prices of raw materials for furniture have risen sharply this year, and the rise in solid wood alone has almost eaten up most of the profits.

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With the rapid control of the domestic epidemic situation, the furniture industry seems to show a strong resilience. Some furniture enterprises have swept away the haze of the epidemic situation and started to work overtime for production and transportation. It is common to recruit workers and expand production. By reducing internal cost and increasing efficiency, the business situation has been greatly improved compared with the first half of the year.

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In addition, affected by the epidemic, "live online" has become an important means of marketing and customer storage for brands and businesses. Online service, online live broadcast, online promotion and other online marketing methods emerge in endlessly, setting off the upsurge of live broadcasting in furniture industry.

The home furnishing industry relies on offline stores to obtain customers' promotion orders, and the final order of live broadcasting still needs to be settled in the offline scene, which transforms the flow on the live broadcast into the arrival passenger flow and sales volume of offline stores.

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