Frequently Asked Questions for Marble Coffee Table

- Feb 01, 2020-

1. What should I do if I accidentally scrape a new marble coffee table with a sharp object?

A: The newly bought marble coffee table is a well-processed product, beautiful and generous, and it will look decent in the hall. However, one accidentally tore a small opening from the original beautiful new dress, which was particularly dazzling, and made myself very unhappy, thinking about how to solve this problem all day long. Find a cleaning company. First: they do n’t want to do much work; second: the general cleaning company has no special experience in this area and does n’t know how to deal with it; third: even if they know how to solve this problem, he is more What I think about is how to earn your money and sell cheap things very expensive. No matter how well the treatment will help you, you will receive money, and it is possible to use inferior medicine. I am afraid that this problem is not resolved. A bigger and more serious problem came out immediately.


(1) Determine the color of the coffee table and the depth of the scratches. To see "illness", you must first understand "illness", understand the degree of damage, and then make the following steps;

(2) There are scratches, indicating that the area near the surface of the coffee table is no longer flat. Repairing the scratches, the truth is to flatten this area. This is the point. For marble, choose a good medicine, do not save dozens of dollars to buy cheap products, this may cause damage to the entire surface. In that case, it is no longer a matter of tens of dollars, then you still have to make a new coffee table! It is recommended to use NCL 2522 MRP marble renovation slurry, which is very suitable for natural, artificial marble, marble, terrazzo And limestone and other stone surfaces. It can easily repair surface scratch damage, especially suitable for ground repairs due to lack of maintenance and high traffic. Of course, the natural reaction ability of medicine and stone is limited. Even the best medicine is the same. It can only be said that under certain conditions, the reaction with stone is better. So how to create these conditions? There are professional Of course, hand-held refurbishment machinery is better. If you do n’t want to invest, of course, there is a way. Add a pad of pads (the choice of pads is related to the color and hardness of the coffee table stone, like red marble pads) Take an appropriate amount of refurbished slurry on the surface of the stone, rub it on the scratches with a pad for a certain period of time until it is dry, and can be ground multiple times to make the scratched area as smooth as possible.

(3) After repairing and flattening, it is necessary to do another crystal surface treatment to make the surface of the coffee table look like a mirror. Then you must use a professional marble crystal surface or crystal flour. I recommend NCL 2501 marble two-in-one crystal surface treatment agent. It has a two-in-one brightening and hardening formula. One grinding process can complete the two chemical effects of brightening and hardening. Particularly suitable for marble, terrazzo, limestone and other stone with high calcium content. For the same reason, the crystal surface needs to be rubbed so that the medicine has a certain amount of heat, and it will have a better effect after reacting with the stone. Therefore, it can still be operated with a red pad.

(4) After finishing the crystal plane, the polishing work is repeated once more, so that the work is finished. The polishing here requires the use of animal hair pads to complete this work (many people will use steel wool, but please pay attention, because the material of the stone is marble, if you use steel wool, it is likely to cause stone rust).

2. Marble coffee table stickers

(1) Pour a small amount of wind oil essence on the marble surface where there are traces of stickers, and then wipe it slowly with a rag to remove it in a while.

(2) I have encountered the situation where the self-adhesive sticks to the bag or glass. After experiments, a simple and easy way is to use wind oil to remove the self-adhesive. Car beauty shop's self-adhesive remover can remove stubborn adhesive. Gasoline or paint thinner can be used to remove stickers.

(3) Purchase a bottle of xylene from the decoration materials market, dip it with a rag, and gently wipe the traces of stickers, which can be quickly removed. During the removal process, xylene has a pungent odor, which can be eliminated after ventilation.