Four points to choose a quality fabric sofa

- Feb 03, 2020-

Cloth sofas have become an indispensable piece of furniture for home life. In addition to a good set of sofas, it feels very warm, and it can make people feel comfortable and relaxed. So how can you buy a high-quality sofa? Here Xuanyi Furniture teaches you some practical shopping tips.

First, the fabric

  Cloth sofa depends on whether the fabric covers the internal fillings, whether it is flat and straight, especially the two armrests and the joint between the seat and the back should transition naturally and without creases. The sofa fabric should be relatively thick, durable, and can not afford to rub the ball over time. Feel the surface of the sofa with your hands if there is any irritation to the skin. Observe whether the fabric color of each part of the sofa is uniform, whether the seams are firm and flat, and whether the workmanship is fine.


Second, the sponge

   High-grade sofa cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of more than one cubic meter per 30 kilograms, and back cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of more than one cubic meter per 25 kilograms. In order to improve the comfort of sitting and lying, some foams are soft-treated without reducing the density, and some are equipped with vertical springs in the cushion to make the sofa have higher resilience and anti-aging performance.

Third, the internal structure

    Both hands shake the sofa back and forth, left and right, if it feels good, the frame is firm. Consult with the shopping guide in the store, and open the corner of the base fabric to observe if there is no damage to the wood, no worms, and no scars. The joints between the material and the material are not nailed, but are connected to each other with a mortise or a notch, and then glued together, then there is no problem. It should be noted that the bottom of the sofa seat and back basically adopts a nylon mesh and a snake spring cross netting structure, and the top is layered with high-elastic foam, spray-coated cotton and light-body foam. This cushion is very elastic and feels comfortable to sit on.

Fourth, the brand

   When buying a sofa, consumers must pay attention to buying a brand sofa, because the brand is generally affirmed in the long-term use of consumers, its good quality, low repair rate, practical time field, and good after-sales service.