Four major trends for the future development of the furniture industry

- Feb 02, 2020-

China's furniture industry has a low market entry threshold, reducing costs and reducing selling prices has become a killer for many new manufacturers entering the market. With the improvement of furniture product packaging, logistics and e-commerce environment, the competition of furniture brands has expanded from regional competition to nationwide competition. Some brands that have low cost as a competitive advantage find that they can always find similar ones lower than their own prices Competing products, even many high-end furniture brands are also receiving more and more competition and pressure.Furniture brands need to think clearly about long-term development strategic issues, get rid of short-sighted price wars, not be threatened by temporary market hotspots and follow the current trend, and focus their operations on R & D and innovation that are in line with the development trend of the furniture industry. The road to sustainable development. The following briefly introduces the four major trends of the future development of the furniture industry.

01 、 The application of new materials will profoundly change the furniture industry

Throughout the development of the furniture industry, every huge leap in the furniture industry is inseparable from the use of new materials and process technologies. In the long millennium, wood, bamboo and other easily processed plant-based materials have become the main materials for making furniture. Most of the traditional furniture in the past millennium has been wooden furniture. In modern times, steel and alloy materials have begun to enter the furniture industry. Steel-wood structures Furniture began to appear, and there were many changes in the function, shape and appearance of furniture; then the large-scale use of polymer materials represented by PE, PVC, and ABS promoted the rapid iteration of the furniture industry and brought about profound changes in four aspects .

02.Ergonomics is widely used in the furniture industry

The demand for modern consumer furniture consumption is changing from "some use" to "good use". All furniture is ultimately used by people. Comfort will become one of the important criteria for evaluating the quality of furniture. Especially the furniture that people often use, such as tables, seating and bedding, has stricter requirements on their comfort. Ergonomics (or ergonomics) is becoming more and more closely integrated with the furniture manufacturing industry. It is through large-scale scientific experiments to solve furniture that makes people more comfortable, more comfortable to sit, and more comfortable to lie down problem.

03.Meet the needs of customized furniture

With the improvement of people's living standards, the awakening of the personality consciousness of the new generation of young people; with the widespread application of new materials, new technologies and new technologies, the sales channels of e-commerce and other products are becoming shorter and shorter, the cost of personalized furniture production and The cost of circulation continues to decrease. Meeting the needs of custom-made furniture has become an important breakthrough point for the transformation of many traditional furniture companies.