Do you know the common furniture structure?

- Nov 15, 2019-

Do you know the common furniture structure

1. Fixed structure

Fixed structure is also called integral type, non disassembly type and assembly type. It refers to the main use of tenon joint (with or without glue), non removable connector joint, nail joint and glue joint between various parts of furniture. It is assembled once, with firm and stable structure and can not be disassembled again.

2. Detachable structure

Dismountable structure is also called to be installed structure, easy to install structure or self-assembled structure. Various detachable connectors are used to connect various parts of furniture, which can be disassembled and installed many times.

3. Frame structure

Frame structure is a typical type of traditional Chinese furniture structure. It is mainly made of solid wood as the base material, frame or frame cladding or panel structure (mainly solid wood parts as the basic components). It can also be made of plate with the effect of solid wood frame structure, and frame structure can be made of fixed installation or disassembly.


4. Plate structure

Because of the emergence of wood-based panel, various panel parts made of wood-based panel base materials are made of hardware connectors and other corresponding jointing methods. Due to different jointing methods, panel furniture can also be divided into detachable and non detachable ones, but generally it is a detachable structure. According to the different decorative structure, panel furniture can be divided into flat panel furniture (only panel furniture with plane decoration such as veneer and edge banding), also called pure panel furniture. There are also artistic panel furniture (panel furniture decorated with three-dimensional art such as carving and carving or solid wood linear inlay) also known as solid wood panel furniture.

5. Banmu structure

The frame part of the product is made of solid wood, while other parts such as panels or layouts are made of veneered wood-based panel.

6. Folding structure

It refers to the structural type of a kind of furniture that can be folded, stacked or reversed. The main feature is that it can be folded up after use or during storage, which is convenient for use and transportation.

7. Combined structure

According to the different components, it can be divided into two types: component combination and monomer combination. Component combination type is also called general component type or standard plate type. It is a kind of furniture with different forms and uses, which is composed of general components with centralized and unified specifications through a certain assembly structure. Generally, it is a disassembly type structure. Monomer combination type is also called building block type. It divides the furniture into several small monomers, any of which can be used alone. Several monomers can also be integrated into a new whole.

8. Multi purpose structure

A furniture structure that can be used for a change of purpose by slightly adjusting some invisible positions or connection forms. Sofa bed is a typical multi-purpose structure.

9. Curved wood structure

A kind of furniture structure is composed of bent wood parts supported by solid wood sawn wood bending, square wood bending or plywood bending and forming, and assembled by certain joint way.

Different structure adapts to different market demand, there is no good or bad difference, only suitable and inappropriate.