Common style of solid wood coffee table

- Feb 25, 2020-

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for furniture purchase are getting higher and higher, and the coffee table is one of the essential furniture in our life. For the solid wood coffee table, the style often determines the sales volume. High and low, what are the common styles of solid wood coffee table?

  1. Nimman's pastoral style: Nimman's pastoral coffee table is small, rounded and rounded, small and cute, and the atmosphere is relaxed and active, very novel. The four coffee table feet are mainly made by lines, which can better reflect the petite and cute shape of the coffee table.

2. Korean pastoral style: Korean pastoral coffee table drawers have partitions (drawers are made of pine), the legs of the coffee table are cylindrical, and there are two small drawers under the coffee table, which is convenient and practical. Every angle of the coffee table is unique, delicate and classic.

3, Fujin American carved style: Fujin American carved coffee table is rectangular, solid wood carved, classical, elegant, subtle, for many people to enjoy tea together. A lot of carved flowers are carved on the legs of the coffee table, which is luxurious, gorgeous, and beautiful, and embellishes the taste of urban life.

4. European-style pastoral style: The European-style pastoral solid wood coffee table has carved flowers, and the coffee table is decorated with wood grain. The coffee table feet are unique, the style has too much decoration and gorgeous and strong effects, and has achieved artistic coordination.

5. British series style: The design of British solid wood coffee table is fresh and bright, and the color is very clean, gorgeous and very eye-catching. With two small drawers for convenient storage of items, the British series products are stylish and simple in appearance, bright and clear in color, and free lines, creating a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere. The entire design scheme reflects the pursuit of elegance by modern people.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, many people not only care about quality and price when buying furniture, but the solid wood coffee table is not just for placing things. More people pay attention to its beauty, so choose a suitable one. A coffee table of your own style will make life better.