Common matching of dining chair size

- Jun 13, 2020-

Common matching of dining chair size

I believe many people know what a dining chair is. A dining chair is a chair that you sit in when you eat. There are many design of dining chair. It can be divided into integrated dining chair and separated dining chair. Different places use different dining chairs. The size of the dining table and chair is generally specified. Different dining tables need different sizes. The dining table and chair generally need to be customized. Do you know the size of the table and chair? What are the common sizes of the table and chair? Let's learn about the size and standard sizes of the table and chair.

Scandi Style Dining Chairs

A. Common matching of dining chair size

The table top is generally about 75cm high, and the size of the table top can be customized according to the actual needs. The seat height of dining chair is generally about 45cm, the width is 40-56cm, and the back height is 65-100cm. The height difference between the dining table top and the dining chair seat is generally between 28-32cm, which is the most suitable sitting posture for eating. The minimum distance between the dining table and the wall is 80cm, which can ensure that the chair can be pulled out and that the diner can easily move.

B. Table and chair classification

1. According to different design methods, it can be divided into: integrated dining table and chair and separated dining table and chair.

White Reception Chair

2. According to the number of dining people designed for each table, it can be generally divided into: two person dining table and chair, four person dining table and chair, six person dining table and chair, eight person dining table and chair, ten person dining table and chair.

3. According to the different materials of tables and chairs, they are divided into: steel tables and chairs (generally divided into two kinds of fiberglass and stainless steel), wooden tables and chairs (generally including solid wood tables and chairs, repertoire tables and chairs), marble tables and chairs, and plastic tables and chairs.

4. According to the design of the chair, it can be divided into: foldable, non foldable; round stool, with backrest.

Taupe Dining Room Chairs

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