Combination move

- Mar 31, 2019-

Sometimes we look at the TV standing on the wall combination cabinets can't help but wonder, if you can mix and match at will, there will be a constant change of new feeling? In fact, the concept of assembling has replaced the past relatively stupid tall combination cabinets, random combination collocation and change position and angle is no longer a luxury. We can choose different combinations according to the size of the space, if the room is spacious can use the whole face cabinet wall of the TV cabinet, highlighting the overall sense and not afraid to occupy too much space, if the space is too narrow, it is recommended to use "Mountain" glyph or "product" glyph combination of TV cabinets, so that space can be staggered, weakening the narrow visual Choose an elevated cabinet with a short few, you can form an asymmetric visual effect; a dwarf with a few sets of elevated cabinets to form a background wall, can enrich the space of the TV cabinet design elements, to create a multi-level audio-visual effect. If you choose a TV cabinet with casters, it is easy to move. This can not only put the TV cabinet in different spaces and corners, but also can change the angle of the TV cabinet at will, so that the furniture appears more flexible and light. There is also a simple TV cabinet with casters, the level of the mezzanine separator can be used as a storage frame, if the level out can also be when the sit on table or workbench to use, is the best choice for single friends.