Cloth sofas, leather sofas, solid wood sofas

- Nov 19, 2019-

Cloth sofas, leather sofas, solid wood sofas, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The sofa is a transliteration of English sofa, a foreign word, and a kind of modern soft furniture. The true meaning of the soft sofa appeared in the late sixteenth to early seventeenth centuries.

What is upholstered furniture? That is, the outer surface of the skeleton is wrapped with more soft materials such as sponge, down or latex, giving a soft and warm feeling, such as a leather sofa, a cloth sofa, a leather art bed, and a fabric soft bed.

Type of sofa

According to the classification of the fabric of the sofa, our daily household sofa can be divided into three categories: fabric sofa, leather sofa and solid wood sofa. Of course, in addition to the more individual wrought iron and plastic materials, there are not many commonly used, today mainly analyze the three commonly used at home. In addition to the difference in exterior fabrics, the structure of the sofa determines the comfort and durability of the sofa. Conventionally, the internal structure of the sofa is mainly wood, and the wood is divided into hardwood, pine, paulownia, etc. The materials used in the interior of the sofa are usually They are relatively ordinary wood and do not use precious wood.

Fabric sofa


First, there are more prints and colors, which can add a lot of vitality to the living room;

Second, the fabric has a breathable function, so the comfort in use is relatively strong, and the warmth function allows us to do more at will when using it;

Third, it can be washed and washed, dirty and dirty, like a quilt, it can be removed and washed.

Fourth, the price is affordable.


The first is that it is not waterproof and does not prevent pollution. Even if there are many fabrics that are said to be three-proof and five-proof fabrics, in fact, these will still exist;

Secondly, even if it can be washed and washed, it is difficult for ordinary people to want to put it back after it has been dismantled. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the variety of sofa sets on the market. It's more rustic, it's rustic and covered, and the original beauty of the sofa is covered. So, if you don't buy a cloth cover, you should consider it carefully.

2 piece sectional sofa

Leather sofa


First, the leather sofa is higher grade, representative of luxury and luxury. Choose from a variety of styles, with luxurious and domineering styles, as well as elegant and comfortable small casual styles;

Second, the leather sofa is breathable, comfortable and durable. The leather sofa is easy to clean compared to the fabric sofa. The leather sofa has a better texture and is comfortable to sit on. ;

Third, the leather texture is flexible, very durable, wear-resistant, and has a long service life.


First, the price of a good leather sofa is relatively expensive, but the leather sofa is not durable enough. If it is not clean, it will give off a skin odor. Basically, the leather sofa has to be refurbished after a few years. The maintenance of leather sofas is still more troublesome;

Second, if the leather sofa is scratched by people, the repair is very difficult.

Solid wood sofa


First, health and environmental protection: Some wood sofa materials have a very good medicinal effect. For example, red sandalwood itself is the most famous precious medicine in Chinese medicine, and Hainan huanghuali is also known as “hypotension wood”. It has the function of relieving blood circulation, promoting blood circulation and reducing blood pressure. Traditional Chinese medicine combines it with other medicines to treat hypertension. Wait. The wooden sofa itself does not contain harmful substances and does not release harmful gases. Even if it is no longer used, it will not become a burden on the environment and easy to recycle.

Second, the function is reasonable: the wooden sofa is not as good as the general modern furniture ergonomics? This is the misunderstanding of the average person. In fact, after long-term scrutiny and improvement, many wooden sofas are in accordance with the scale of human body function, and can meet the requirements of human body function, and are highly scientific. Taking a chair as an example, the curved back chair and the round chair are suitable for the human body and have a comfortable sitting;

Third, the shape is beautiful: the wooden sofa is darker in color, and it reflects the style of antique. The wood is heavier and gives a good quality. Generally, wood itself has its own fragrance, especially sandalwood. Hard material, wear-resistant and durable;

Fourth, strong and durable: the material of the solid wood sofa is strong enough, it will be particularly comfortable and comfortable when sitting on it;

V. Reasonable structure: The solid wood sofa can be combined with leather art and fabric cushions to enjoy the comfort brought by the soft seat cushion and have the advantages of solidity.

3 seater recliner sofa


First, because the production of high-quality wood is now small, it is difficult to have high-quality tree species, and the quality is uneven and difficult to distinguish. The lines and annual rings are not clear, and the visual effects are not fresh enough;

Second, the material is heavy and not easy to handle. The material is hard, the processing is difficult, and cracking is prone to occur;

Third, the maintenance of wooden sofas is also a big problem. If the wood treatment is not appropriate, it is easy to produce cracks and deformations of insects and mold.

Fourth, solid wood sofas also need regular maintenance and maintenance, use properly.

Conclusion: Any product can't be 100% perfect to meet all your expectations. If you choose one of the most important points, you can choose the product that suits you best.