Cloth sofa cleaning method

- Feb 03, 2020-

Cloth sofa has become an indispensable embellishment for the home environment, because the diversity of fabrics and colors is loved by consumers. Compared to leather sofas, fabric sofas are difficult to clean. In the end, how can you reasonably clean and maintain the fabric sofa? Here are some methods shared by Xuanyi Furniture:

    There are two types of fabric sofas, one is removable and the other is not removable. In general, non-removable is more difficult to take care of. Most of us in our daily life are also not removable. So first of all, let's understand the cleaning method of non-removable fabric sofa. 1. Cleaning of dust: first use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the cloth sofa table, and then wipe it gently with a towel. Remember not to scrub with a large amount of water, lest water penetrate into the sofa and cause the side frame inside the sofa to be damp, deformed, and sand shrink. 2. Cleaning of colored beverages such as coffee: If coffee and other beverages have dripped onto the sofa cover, immediately take a towel and dip it in warm water to suck the beverage from the sofa surface, and the sooner the better, if the time Elongation becomes difficult to handle. 3. Cleaning the sofa with a velvet cloth surface: Sweep it with a clean brush and a little diluted alcohol, then blow dry with a hair dryer. If you encounter juice stains, mix with a little soda powder and water, then wipe with a cloth. Smudges can also be removed.

   The second is the detachable fabric sofa. This kind of fabric sofa is relatively easy to clean. It can be disassembled after all, and it is easy to clean in any place. Cotton fabric sofa can be washed at low temperature, but try not to use washing machine or bleach to avoid discoloration. The advantage of jacquard fabric sofa is that it is not easy to fade and can be machine washed. However, if rayon, rayon, etc. are added to the fabric, it must be dry-cleaned. It should be noted that whether printed or jacquard cloth, when the composition of the fabric is linen, wool and other shrinkable natural fibers, you can only dry clean.

  For textile fabrics, we have to carefully clean whether it is velvet or cloth. For fabric sofas, Xiaobian also recommends that you can make a detachable sofa cover before you buy, and you only need to clean it regularly according to the fabric requirements when washing, which is convenient and fast.