Classification of coffee tables

- Oct 29, 2019-

In the market, home store staff will introduce different side tables, coffee table and end tables, but now there are very few people who know the coffee tables, even if they buy a few, sometimes they do not match the style of their own decoration. Today, let's explain to you what a coffee table is, and what the style of the coffee table is, explaining their use and classification, so that everyone will be much more convenient when buying.

Coffee table

The coffee table is generally divided into square and rectangular, and the height is equivalent to the armrest of the armchair. Usually, there is a coffee table between the two chairs for the cup and tea set, hence the name of the coffee table.

Marble coffee table

Invisible water marble coffee table features: in the case of not seeing the stove, directly drowning in the specified range, the panel can work under water conditions, ultra-quiet, anti-scalding, no leakage, no burst, simple and hygienic, safer Practical! The water control system is completely intelligent. The default is automatic water-saving when booting. It can automatically enter the heat preservation work. It can also be manually insulated in the middle. It will automatically shut down after 30 seconds from the pot, and automatically shut down after two minutes of entering the heat preservation stage. . Really play a smart and practical effect of energy saving. The tea table top is polished for high quality natural stone. The whole is noble and generous, safe and practical.

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Wooden coffee table

The natural material of the wooden coffee table produces a sense of intimacy with nature, gentle color and exquisite craftsmanship, which is suitable for matching the sofa furniture with calm atmosphere.

Glass coffee table

There are two types of glass tea, one is hot-bent glass, the steel is tempered after high-temperature hot bending, and has a beautiful curved shape. The coffee table is made of glass; the other is tempered glass, supplemented with imitation gold plating accessories. Electrostatic spraying steel pipe, stainless steel and other chassis, elegant, simple, practical. The glass coffee table is also the most shaped coffee table. We generally only see square coffee tables and rectangular coffee tables. Round coffee tables or other shapes of coffee tables are generally rare. Because of the variety of glass changes, the coffee table made with it will also be diversified.

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Rattan bamboo coffee table

It shows the tendency of naturalism, the style is quiet and simple, suitable for wooden sofas or rattan sofas, suitable for supporting furniture.

End tables

The end table is a relatively small table, it can be moved flexibly, and the shape is not fixed. It is usually placed in the corner, on the side of the sofa or on the edge of the bed, etc., the purpose is to facilitate the daily placement of small objects that flow frequently.

The multi-function end table is used to improve the space utilization of the end tables and the function of the end tables. The end tables are all based on the humanized design. The space below the corner can be used to place the water bucket and the waste water bucket. The wooden frame is usually made of solid wood, the bottom panel is made of high-density synthetic wood, and the surface is coated with advanced waterproof material. The moisture-proof and moisture-proof structure is better, and its functions and advantages: the product is intelligent, practical, and takes up little space. The tea-making hospitality can be in place in one step, adapting to the small-area modern home, office decoration and use.

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