Characteristics of side table

- Jun 08, 2020-

Characteristics of side table

In fact, the small side is very flexible and random. Although the sofa edge is the default fixed collocation, we can see it everywhere in the decoration collocation of fashionable home. Modern feeling strong style or look more stable sofa especially suitable for round edge table, clean, warm and friendly, natural and real wood grain with natural and comfortable taste.

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The arrangement of side table has a lot to do with space and sofa. If the interior space is large, a higher side table can be selected beside the single chair in the hall as a functional and decorative side table to add more interest and change to the space. If the space is not big, it's better to have small oval sides. The soft shape makes the space seem relaxed without cramping. Generally speaking, a good edge table should not only look good, but also match with other furniture. Besides the function of beautiful decoration, it should also pay attention to its bearing function and storage function. Due to the more random use of the side table, you can also choose the style with wheels.

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The ability of small objects to improve the overall space appearance and create atmosphere cannot be underestimated. For example, the common small edges on the edge of the sofa in the modern living room not only play the role of supporting decoration to make the sofa combination look less lonely, but also can place magazines, mobile phones and other handy things, beautiful and convenient.

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