Buying furniture must be solid wood?

- Nov 14, 2019-

Proverbs Terminator: Buying furniture must be solid wood?

When we get to the point, let's put the conclusions at the very beginning: the quality between solid wood furniture and wood furniture cannot be judged simply. I hope that readers will learn how to choose the most suitable furniture after reading this article.

What is solid wood furniture?

The new national standard stipulates that as long as the log material accounts for 70% of a piece of furniture, it can be called “solid wood furniture” (so even if the wood is used in the furniture, as long as the proportion of the log material reaches the national standard, it can also be called solid wood furniture. ). The solid wood furniture that we usually think of is called "log furniture."

Most of the Chinese people prefer the logs, and they feel that they are closer to nature. However, most of the practical wood-based furniture on the market must use the splicing technology. To put it plainly, the whole piece of wood is cut and glued into wood. Blocks, then made into furniture (the furniture made from logs is usually owned by the furniture factory or customized by the customer, and the household only accounts for a small part).

What is log furniture?

There are two cases of log furniture. One is that the whole piece of furniture is made of the same kind of wood. This is a good understanding.

In another case, two or more pieces of wood are made together in a piece of furniture, such as a table with a walnut frame and the other parts of rubber wood. In this case, it is also pure solid wood furniture, but not all walnuts.

In this way, the solid wood furniture on the market seems to be different from what we imagined. The solid wood furniture in most consumers' minds is closer to the log furniture mentioned by the merchants. Many of them think that solid wood furniture should be a piece of wood. The furniture is made only of one type of wood. But the reality may make you stunned.

Key points: Solid wood furniture is not necessarily made of pure natural wood! Pure solid wood furniture is not necessarily made of only one kind of wood! So be sure to ask when you buy furniture! Never be afraid of trouble!

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What is panel wood furniture?

Panel wood furniture refers to a frame made of solid wood, and other parts use wood-based panels, furniture combined with solid wood and panels. The commonly used wood-based panels are MDF and particleboard. MDF: The wood fiber or plant fiber is blended into a binder and pressed at high temperature and pressure. Easy to shape, easy to process, but poor moisture resistance. Particleboard: Wood scrap is the main material, and glue and additives are added to make the board. Low cost but poor strength. Whether it is the manufacture of wood-based panels or the splicing of solid wood and wood, the use of adhesives will be involved, and once the adhesive is involved, there will be a risk of formaldehyde, which is also the most concerned and most Worried place.

As the consumer you care most about - formaldehyde

Speaking of formaldehyde, readers who have visited the furniture city probably heard E0 and E1 clouds, but what is this? China has a standard for formaldehyde emission from building materials, which is divided into E1 and E2. The release amount under the E1 standard is ≤1.5mg/L, and the release amount under the E2 standard is ≤5.0mg/L. Many merchants claim E0. The level is specifically to detect the amount of formaldehyde released from the impregnated paper laminated wood floor (that is, the reinforced floor), which is ≤0.5mg/L. Therefore, the solid wood and wood furniture rings are not environmentally friendly. The translation refers to the amount of formaldehyde. The less formaldehyde is released, the more environmentally friendly it is, the less impact it has on the health of the user.

How to choose the most suitable furniture?

Seeing here, it seems that I have not said that the choice of solid wood furniture or wood furniture? Editor I can't help you make a decision, then list the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture and wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture

Advantages: The bearing is heavy, the texture is good, the durability is durable, and the wood texture is natural.

Disadvantages: The requirements for the use environment are relatively high, susceptible to temperature and humidity, and easy to deform and crack.

Wood furniture

Advantages: not easy to deform, physical performance is more stable, the cost is relatively low (if high-quality adhesive is used, the cost is not lower than that of solid wood furniture), and it is more durable and stable than solid wood material.

Disadvantages: The formaldehyde release cycle is long, the waterproof performance is poor, and the nail holding ability is poor.

If you want to buy solid wood furniture, the focus is on the quality of the wood, and the level of formaldehyde emission. For the wood furniture, it is important to observe the amount of formaldehyde released from the adhesive. In addition, observe whether the sealing edge of the plate is tight. If it is damaged when used, it should be repaired immediately, because it will leak out in this broken position. The formaldehyde released by the mixture affects the health of the user. Finally, let me talk about how to easily identify the furniture solid wood and the board. Generally, we can strike the surface. When the wood is struck, the sound is more boring, because the material is thicker; when striking the board, it sounds crisper.

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