Buying a sofa is to sit comfortably, not to look comfortable

- Nov 18, 2020-

Buying a sofa is to sit comfortably, not to look comfortable

On the premise of limited budget, comfort is the priority. So what determines the sitting feeling of the Modular Sofa that I have always said.

The formation of Sofa Couch sitting feeling = sponge (down, latex, various fillings) + underframe (snake spring, high resilience bandage...) + surface leather or cloth. And the fundamental factor that determines the softness of the L Shape Sofa. It's the sponge, down, the stuffing.

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Try to choose high density

Focus the budget on "invisible" places! Rather than seeing the "superficial effort"!

The seat bag is the backlog of your ass, it is the most critical hurdle! Whether the sponge is good or not is not only about sitting feeling, but also about service life. (Once the Sectional Sofas is made, these parts are all non-replaceable parts. Use good materials at one time!)

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The wooden frame follows the combination of eucalyptus and pine, using eucalyptus for stress and pine for non-stress. The wooden frame is often overlooked by everyone. However, hardwood is required to use the force of the frame, and eucalyptus is a better choice than larch, and it is insect-resistant. The pine only needs to replace the fixed place where it is not stressed.

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