3 defects in ash wood furniture

- Nov 10, 2019-

3 defects in ash wood furniture

Just like all the furniture, there are advantages and disadvantages. This is an unavoidable shortcoming. The shortcomings of ash furniture are generally considered to have the following three points.

Not easy to identify

The price of ash furniture in the market is high or low, and it is often heard by fake and shoddy things, which often makes consumers pick the eye. The cost of ash furniture is actually quite transparent. If you want to get huge profits, it is nothing more than four words: cut corners. Ash is mainly produced in Europe, Russia, North America, and China. Importing timber in Europe is troublesome, and Europeans themselves are not enough. Therefore, the number of exports to China is not large.

Ashwood raw materials are currently imported mainly from the United States, and some merchants use Russian-made ash or ash, which are called cheaper American ash. By the way, ash is actually a kind of ash. The long guns used by ancient Chinese army were made of ash. This ash rod used to be a "strategic substance" forbidden in ancient times. In addition, ash wood furniture spliced with small scraps will cost much less. The picture below shows American ash logs.

Unstable supply of raw materials

Due to trade frictions and exchange rate changes between China and the United States, raw material prices fluctuated greatly last year, and manufacturers did not dare to purchase them in large quantities, which made the cost of ash furniture change constantly, which ultimately affected the price of the products. In addition, ash grows more slowly, and it takes more than 40 years for the finished product to be produced. How long the US ash wood raw material can be supplied may be an unknown number. Fortunately, in the furniture industry, no, but human society often encounters a similar "shortfall" situation. After a good wood felling, it has to be replaced with another kind of wood. Some people worry that deforestation is not environmentally friendly. This cannot be generalized. For China, it is correct to ban logging, but the United States is not. From a scientific point of view, cutting down old trees to promote the growth of new trees is conducive to the management of forest land. . Letting trees die naturally will also cause carbon emissions problems. Moderate logging is a more effective way to protect forests.


Easy to crack

Ash wood raw materials need to be completely dried before being used in furniture production, otherwise the wood will be prone to deformation and cracking, which will affect the service life and skin value of the furniture in dry areas. In order to reduce costs, some domestic factories purchase American ash logs, which are then cut and dried in China. This is called domestic processed materials. The tariff is much cheaper than direct imported dry cut plates, but this kind of domestic processed materials is better than The quality of imported materials at the source is worse and the price is much cheaper. The mixed use of these two materials is a common phenomenon in furniture production.

Learn to identify ash

Narrow ash, mainly European ash, North American ash. The density is from 0.60 to 0.72 g/cm3. The ash wood is corrosion-resistant, the wood grain is natural and simple, with a glossy feel and a smooth hand. Its wood is tough, strong and has good seismic performance. The color of ash is white, a little milky white, the ashwood made in Canada is slightly pink, the wood grain is obvious; the texture of ash is rough.

How to maintain ash furniture

Ash furniture is durable and has a high value, but it is not delicate at all. It is easier to maintain than other solid wood furniture. It is enough to pay attention to three points:

Avoid direct sunlight on ash furniture, especially in dry northern areas;

If the ash furniture is stained with dirt, wipe it gently with a damp, clean cloth;

I remember that when I have time, I can order the wax oil on the ash furniture, which can not only prevent cracking, but also the more beautiful, the more beautiful, it is not exaggerated.